Gemini Hall

Cantieri Goldonetta, Florence

Flavio Favelli [Firenze, 1967]
After earning a degree in Oriental History from the University of Bologna, he participated in the Link Project (1995-2001). He planned and carried out two functioning bar installations at the MAMBO in Bologna and the MARCA in Catanzaro, as well as two permanent public spaces: Vestibule at the Venice headquarters of ANAS in Palazzetto Foscari and Waiting Room in the Pantheon in Bologna’s Monumental Cemetery of the Certosa, where non-religious funerals are held. In 2009 he was chosen for Acrobazie#5, a Unicredit project at the Centro Fatebenefratelli in San Colombano al Lambro (MI). He won the 2010 Italian Fellowship at the American Academy of Rome.