The end of second act

Teatro Niccolini, San Casciano Val di Pesa

Perino & Vele
Active since 1994, Perino & Vele preferred medium is papier-mâché. They have always played on the observer’s capacity to recognize his own everyday world in their sculptures, shedding a new, both iconic and ironic light on the world of objects that surround us.
They grind up multi-colored newspapers and magazines, recycling the pages into a mishmash of words and images, a mass-media mélange that, once molded and shaped, communicates again in a new way. Their work plays irony of meanings and ambiguity of materials off one another, resulting in a sort of communicative antagonism.
Their works are measured in increasingly monumental terms, but the use of papier-mâché eliminates the aura and solidity typical of traditional sculpture, which the artists treat with irony.