Bardini Boboli Project

The Bardini Garden, Florence 

Bardini Boboli Project is dedicated to the spontaneous natural processes of the two parks, to the fluid negotiation between human and natural world, built-up and uncultivated, city and “wilderness” in urban contexts: an emotional, fragmentary and paradoxical signage conceived with the collaboration of botanists, zoologists, urban planners, landscape and garden architects.

Michele Dantini [Florence, 1966]
Michele Dantini’s interest lie in projects with political, ecological and cultural implications. Often conceived for set-apart, out-of-the-way places, small nations or communities that lack representation, his projects do not offer “objective” analyses or conventional responses, but rather, constitute opportunities for mediated and personal crystallization. They take their cues from discoveries, random encounters. A place crisscrossed by potential accounts of displacement and solitude, or an object, a name, an archive or a fragment of history, all become figures in a broader reflection on the relationships between power and violence, mind and world, image and word.